Discordant Earth - Book One

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A baby is precious, even a half-alien one, and Alyssa Rose will do anything to protect hers.

Twenty-two-year-old Alyssa had an idyllic childhood, growing up among the aliens that saved Earth from a third world war. As assistant to Kayn, Commander of the Szu’Kara, she dreams of a long, fulfilling career and a future of eternal bliss. Dating the gorgeous commander is just the cherry on top of her perfect life.

But a visit to the clinic has Alyssa’s world spinning when she finds out she’s pregnant, which shouldn’t be possible—they’re different species. Commander Kayn couldn’t be prouder, but Alyssa has her doubts, especially when things start to change between them.

When tragedy strikes her family, Alyssa realizes things aren’t what they seem, and her dreams are slipping through her fingers. Torn between what’s real and what’s not, she struggles to understand the secrets that lie beneath the surface. She just never imagined she would find her only chance to uncover the truth through Sebastian, an intensely attractive rebel leader.

Alyssa must make her choice: cling to the remnants of her life with Kayn, or side with the rebels… and Sebastian.

Discordant Earth - Book Two

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Alyssa Rose refuses to let humanity succumb to an alien dictatorship, but Commander Kayn won’t give up his claim on Earth… or her.

Amidst protests and riots, the rebel coalition persists in spreading the truth about the aliens. Fighting beside the coalition leader and her lover, Sebastian Roberts, Alyssa has made it her mission to free humans from alien enslavement.

When a hybrid species, the Karans, is revealed, Alyssa finds herself metaphysically connected to them – and to one in particular. Valel is determined to convince her that their psychic link proves they are meant to be together.

Disturbing news forces the coalition toward a new target, one that hits too close to home for Alyssa. With her own body betraying her, can she guard her heart while protecting her people? Will she find the will to keep fighting even as more of Kayn’s ugly secrets are revealed?

Discordant Earth - Book Three

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Torn between the man she loves and an unwanted attraction to another, Alyssa Rose must choose before she loses control of her heart and her mind…

With alien predators orbiting Earth, Alyssa and the rest of the world waits, wondering when or if Commander Kayn will attack. Some have prepared for the inevitable, while others have grown complacent.

Always on edge, Alyssa must learn to control her new abilities and explore her psychic connections, creating a rift between her and Sebastian while bringing Valel closer. Even with Valel’s near-constant presence, she has never felt more alone and her efforts to fix her relationship with Sebastian are futile.

When Alyssa receives shocking news as destruction rains down upon Earth, her world is thrust into turmoil, and she finds herself in the one place she never wanted to be. Can Alyssa save herself and her future with Sebastian on a peaceful planet, or will Kayn destroy her life and take over the world?

Discordant Earth - Prequel Novella

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Hell is made for those who find love… 

The year is 2020, and Earth is embroiled in a worldwide war. Drafted at the age of fourteen, Sebastian Roberts has a few reservations. As his detachment arrives on Seattle’s battlefield with little to no time to spare, he wonders just how much he will have to give up fighting a hopeless war.

But when aliens intervene, abruptly ending the war, their promises of rebuilding a prosperous new world with society living in harmony has Sebastian convinced nothing is what it appears to be. Struggling with the memories of battles fought and lives lost, Sebastian searches for the one thing he needs most—a place to call home.

Can Sebastian find a way to survive the chaos of a world seemingly at peace? Or will his hidden scars lead him to his own grave?

Discordant Earth - Mini Prequel

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Just out of high school, Alyssa Rose has one lofty career goal.

With all the assistance the aliens have provided to humanity, Alyssa wants to do her part to repay them, however she can. With an opening for Secretarial Intern, she must prove her worth against all the other women interviewing for the highly coveted position. The internship is one step closer to Kayn’Kara, the powerful (and gorgeous) Commander of the Szu’Kara.

Will she nail the interview? Can Alyssa win this internship and get her foot in the door to work for the alien commander she’s had a crush on for years?

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