Vamp Tales - Book One

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Mercy Reyes is a huge fan of vampires. She watches vampire shows, reads vampire books, and secretly wishes they were real. But she gets more than she bargained for when a vampire comes knocking on her door.

Kat Price is desperate. Hunters have separated her from her clan. She’s weak, hungry, and daylight is quickly approaching. She has no choice but to crash into Mercy’s quiet life. 

Now Mercy is a vampire. Her new senses and raging hunger are overwhelming. The blood bond between the two vampires creates an awkward tension as Kat drags Mercy on a dangerous journey to find their clan—if they don’t kill each other first.

Vamp Tales - Book Two

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Being a vampire has its perks. 

Recently turned Mercy Reyes has a new body, new powers, new confidence … and an incredibly annoying blood bond with her new sire. 

It has been fours days since Mercy awoke as Kat Price’s vampire fledgling. In that time, she’s been dragged on a dangerous mission to find her new clan, met supernatural beings, and gained some handy new powers. But, her new life is less than ideal.

After a treacherous search, Kat and Mercy have finally found the rest of their clan, but the danger is far from over. A clan member with future sight alerts the group of a coming attack by hunters. The vampires will need to move – and fast – or risk losing everything. 

Mercy must make a place for herself among her new clan, learn to control her powers, and avoid irritating the hell out of Kat, as the hunters close in on all sides…

Vamp Tales - Book Three

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Safe and out of the city, Mercy Reyes and the Martis clan are under the protection of witches. When the witch they trust is prohibited from harboring them, they must rely on one with questionable intentions.

On the run from the hunters, the clan is moved to the mountains where the witches and werewolves have begun rebuilding an abandoned campground. The vampires are outnumbered and have only a few trusted allies among the mountain residents.

In the midst of uncertainty, Mercy finds hope in a werewolf guard, Nick Sloan. Still living on a razor’s edge with her sire, Kat Price, Mercy thought she was finding her place in the clan until she makes a fatal mistake, risking not only her clanmates, but also everyone at camp.

Vamp Tales - Book Four

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After a terrible mistake, Mercy Reyes has kept herself hidden away from angry werewolves and shady witches. With only her vampire family and friends, and their loyal werewolf guards, to keep her company, she’s getting cabin fever. And, her sire, Kat Price, has just about hit Mercy’s last nerve.

When the vampires, witches, and werewolves begin to clash over who should lead the supernatural community, Mercy seizes an opportunity to sneak away. Leaving her guard detail behind, she heads for the woods for some precious alone time with her phone. The only problem is, she isn’t alone…

Trouble seems to seek her out, and Mercy has had just about enough. Will she be able to save herself from yet another mess, or will she need to be rescued?

Vamp Tales - Book Five

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True friendship is saving a life with the gift of death.

Mercy Reyes has one true friend, Mandy, and she would do anything for her. Even if it means groveling before her sire, Kat Price.

Being a vampire hasn’t been all she’d dreamed of, but Mercy knows her new way of life may be the only thing to save Mandy from a terminal illness. Will she be able to convince Mandy to give up her life and her faith to become a vampire?

The power-hungry witch, Cassandra, has the werewolves at her back and the supernatural community in an uproar. Mercy and the Martis clan must gain the upper hand, gather allies, and quell the uprising.

Will they have the strength and numbers to go against Cassandra and take back control of the region? Can Mercy harness her ever-growing powers to help her clan, or will they burn through her mind and soul?

Vamp Tales - Book Six

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Beauty can be deadly, especially for immortals.

With one threat out of the way, Mercy Reyes finds herself in the clutches of another. Mercy and her sire, Kat Price, thought they would have a moment to breath after their last big showdown, but they were wrong. So wrong.

Rowena King, a narcissist with corporate funding, will do anything to find out what makes vampires young forever. Unfortunately, Mercy and Kat will unwilling pay the price of her vanity, even if it kills them.

Vamp Tales - Season One

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Mercy was a vamp fan-girl, loved all things supernatural, but one late night of binge-watching her favorite vampire slayer show changes her life… As she adapts to night-life and a blood-bond that forces her to endure Kat’s irascible nature, Mercy must follow her sire and new clan as they run from their enemies and search for safe harbor.

Follow snarky Mercy Reyes as she navigates her new life (or death) as a vampire with a grumpy sire, Kat Price, a new family, the Martis clan, and enough adversaries to choke on.

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